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What’s your next dive going to be?

Dive sites bursting with coral, sharks and rays cruising through the channels, turtles resting on the outreefs and schooling snappers enjoying the protection of the reefs. Mix it up with some majestic manta rays, tunas, moray eels and Napoleon wrasses. Top it off with barracudas, trigger fish and scorpion fish. Add a flash of colour with all sorts of angel fish, butterfly fish and it’s fair to say that the Maldives ticks most divers’ wish lists!

With more than 60 dive sites nearby, Kuredu is a diver’s dream. Prodivers boat trips leave throughout the day, helping to ensure that you can make the most of your time in the Maldives. We run single dive trips (morning and afternoon), organise two tank diving regularly (including afternoon two tanks for late risers) and full day trips (don’t miss out on the Noon Atoll one!). We try to go the extra mile and accommodate special requests, such as early morning or sunset dives.

Key Info

Over 60 dive sites

Today, we have around sixty dive sites accessible by boat from Kuredu. With new sites still being discovered and the variety of conditions that influence the reef life, it’s impossible not to make one of your dives the highlight of your Kuredu holiday.


Lying in the middle of the Indian ocean, reefs around Kuredu offer incredible diving for all experience levels. Well protected sites inside the Atoll are a beginner’s dream and the adrenaline junkies won’t be able to get enough of the action in the channels and outreefs.


Regardless of your experience level, we want to make sure you’re familiar with the specifics of diving around Kuredu. We’ll help you to adjust your equipment to the sea conditions, go through the safety procedures and make sure you plunge into your fantastic dives prepared and with a big smile on your face!

Dive sites

Individual dive sites are chosen by our experienced instructor team and reflect the expected conditions, the experience of the divers on the boat, previously visited dive spots, as well as any individual requests from our guests that we do our best to take into consideration.

6 experiences not to miss

Manta Rays

At the top of the ‘must sees’ in the Maldives are the Mantas. The Maldivian Manta Rays are year round residents, migrating across the country’s 26 atolls with the changing monsoons as they follow the seasonal shifts in the abundance of their planktonic food.

In the Lhaviyani Atoll we’ve identified almost 300 individuals and are proud to have the largest aggregation of juvenile mantas in the Maldives. The Manta Trust, working closely with Prodivers in the Maldivian Manta Ray Project, has identified around 300 mantas in the Lhaviyani Atoll. Keep your fingers crossed to see these gentle giants and see their majestic performances at one of the feeding spots or cleaning stations near to Kuredu.

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Caves Community

Dive at Kuredu’s unique site to observe one of nature’s toughest survivors, green sea turtles, as they venture out from their overhangs to the surface to take a breath and swim back to the depths to rest. This special community of turtles has been at Caves for ages, they seem to enjoy the cosy shelters that the reef provides and the cleaning stations where they go to have their shells spotlessly cleaned. Keep your eyes open for stingrays dwelling on the reef, eagle rays and sharks passing by in the blue, napoleons cruising by on the outreef, and follow the guide to see leaf fish and numerous nudibranches. A favourite of many!

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You’ll never regret treating yourself to a ticket to Express! This renowned dive site is a synonym for big fish action. It gets its name from the strong currents that can flow here. The terraces at different depths are a great place to stop and watch the action going on around you. Grey reef sharks, eagle rays, large tuna, napoleons, stingrays and barracudas are all found here along with a huge school of jack fish. Enjoy your ride!

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Anemone Thila

If there is a dive site that sweeps you off your feet, it is Anemone Thila. Offering stunning colours and a great abundance of fish life, this underwater island is one of the prettiest sites in the Atoll. It is fringed with overhangs and terraces that are home to blue stripe snappers and the occasional nurse shark. Trevallies patrol the reef bringing terror to the glass fish that gather in huge number over the reef. Though perfect for macro and wide angle photographers alike, it will be very difficult to capture the true beauty of this place.

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You can tell by the divers’ excitement that they’ve returned from a ‘kandu’ dive. Kandu, or a reef channel, is where all the action is in the Maldives. Prepare yourself for the adrenaline rush of your life. Reef channels act as funnels, bringing in nutrient rich water from the Indian Ocean. This attracts squadrons of eagle rays, often seen ‘flying’ in formations, schools of barracudas congregating near the corners, and plenty of sharks passing by. If the currents are running well, this is what diving in the Maldives is all about! Our tip: Sign up for a scooter dive!

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Known as one of the Maldives’ most famous dive sites and Lhaviyani Atoll’s landmark, we’re lucky to have Shipyard nearby Kuredu. Situated between Felivaru (Fish Factory) and Gaavelifaru there are two wrecks, one of which dramatically protrudes through the surface. Listen to the mysterious story behind the two wrecks that will leave you in suspense – until you dive down and explore an artificial reef with staggering amounts of coral and fish.

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An incredible underwater adventure awaits…

Should the palm-fringed island and soft, sandy beaches not convince you, the underwater world surely will. Never again will such a fascinating experience be as close to your doorstep than on Kuredu, so why not get your hair wet and see for yourself what dwells beneath the turquoise water surface around the resort. Have Prodivers show you around our backyard and showcase you the cherry-picked snorkelling and diving highlights of the nearby coral reefs.

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