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Kuredu’s tennis and padel courts are perfect for those wanting to keep active on their holiday. The floodlit courts are available for guests to use from 7:00 – 23:00, and for those who need a little help with their backhand, Kuredu’s resident RTC tennis coach is on hand to provide both private and group lessons on both the tennis and padel courts.

Padel tennis is a fun, racquet sport, played on a semi-enclosed court, where players can hit the ball off the walls, similar to squash. The small size of the court and the basic equipment make padel tennis a great sport for everyone; it allows you to practise your reflexes, it can help hone your tennis skills and, most importantly, it’s an activity and a workout the whole family can enjoy (a dose of humour is required at this game, so don’t blame your partner for having a good laugh if the ball comes straight at you from an angle least expected!).

Kuredu’s RTC coach offers you the chance to join courses for the RTC level 1,2 or 3, these 10-hour courses are perfect for those wanting to discover the game or are looking at building on their pre-existing experiences. Players who are already at an advanced level can benefit from the RTC masters course, or the speciality courses if there is a specific aspect of their game that they want to improve.

Courts and equipment can be booked and hired from Kuredu Gym. If you want to purchase a voucher for tennis and padel tennis lessons prior to your arrival, or as a gift to someone, you can use Kuredu Gifts to do so: