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Top things to do – Snorkeling

Recreation / Top 10 things to do on Kuredu

Snorkel the world’s most stunning coral reefs

Nothing beats spending time out on the ocean and exploring the beauty of coral reefs. You’ll be amazed by the different reef formations that are home to countless colourful fish and a huge variety of corals, and as such make reefs of the Maldives one of the most spectacular underwater environments on the planet. Keep your eyes peeled for turtles and your heart open for possible manta ray performances!

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In Brief

Free Discover Snorkelling Sessions

Join Prodivers’ snorkel guides for a free introductory session and find out all the hows, wheres and whats of snorkelling around Kuredu.

Coral reefs around Kuredu

The Lhaviyani Atoll offers some spectacular reefs that are accessible to snorkellers. Enjoy at our easy sites or drift along reefs where it’s not uncommon to come face to face with the big fish. Either way, the underwater world is what it is all about in the Maldives!

Expect to see

Dazzling coral reefs, reef fish, turtles, sharks and rays.

Plunge into a place like no other…

  • Like an Aquarium

    Like an Aquarium

    Spectacular reefs with once in a lifetime sightings await you around Kuredu Resort & Spa. Choose between easy snorkelling sites to experience aquarium-like conditions, or be adventures and venture to the outreefs to come eye to eye with the big fish.

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  • First timers

    First timers

    You will only regret the things you haven't done in your life! It's never to late to take up snorkelling, even if it's just an introduction. There is already plenty to see in the lagoon and on the house reef and it's very likely you will have difficulties finding another place with this superb conditions.

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  • The ocean's giants

    The ocean's giants

    Experience once in a lifetime underwater encounters. The Lhaviyani Atoll offers some spectacular reefs that are accessible to snorkellers; don't be surprised if a gentle giant appears out of the blue to perform a feeding frenzy ballet performance that will leave you in a pleasant suspense of what else is coming your way while on Kuredu.

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  • Fish galore

    Fish galore

    There's plenty fish in the Maldives! Snorkelling is the easiest way to explore the dazzling beauty of reefs that you likely never imagined could be so alive and - real!

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Top 10 things to do…

Veli dinner, a unique fine dining treat

Enjoy our chefs’ exquisite 5-course menu nearby Kuredu’s iconic sandbank, comfortable in a soft sand arrangement, set up especially for you.

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Luxury Sailing

Join us on board a luxury wooden yacht to see the Maldives’ picture-perfect lagoons, sugar-white beaches and local islands.

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Try diving

Nothing describes diving better than the Maldives! Get your hair wet and experience the underwater world around Kuredu.

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Heaven on Earth

Many of you consider Kuredu a heaven on Earth, so what better way to increase your energy levels and find complete relaxation than at Duniye Spa.

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Dine around Kuredu

An enjoyable holiday goes hand in hand with luscious food… Treat yourself to delicious dishes cooked with love at Kuredu’s varied restaurants.

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Fishing Excursions

It’s no secret that the healthy reefs around Kuredu are a haven for fishing enthusiasts. The options for a good catch are limitless.

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White Party

Experience the true tropical island feeling with our renowned DJ and dance the night away every Friday night.

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Swim with Turtles

Kuredu has one of the largest populations of green sea turtles in the Maldives right on our doorstep.

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Play a round of golf

Surrounded by natural forest and the pleasant sound of the ocean, playing golf could not be any more peaceful than here.

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Snorkel world’s most stunning coral reefs

You’ll be amazed by the different reef formations that are home to countless colourful fish and a huge variety of corals.

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