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Year in Review – Kuredu’s Repeat Guests

Year in Review – Kuredu’s Repeat Guests

14 Dec 2015
Kuredu Resort & Spa - Repeat Guests in Year 2015

This year, the Kuredu Family has gotten bigger than ever! We are delighted to see that so many of our first-time guests have found Kuredu to be a Resort that ticks all the ‘perfect’ boxes and that they can’t imagine going anywhere else for their next well-deserved break (and the one after that!).

While the island’s beauty and the variety of choice that the Resort offers undoubtedly play a part in your decision to book another holiday here, the main reason we believe so many of you keep returning to paradise year after year is the reassurance that your every whim will be taken care of by our wonderful Team Members. With only that much time at your disposal for your holiday, nothing is better than a predictable, hassle free return to a place that you know—and a place that knows you!

Our Team have been keeping the drums and the sunshine ready for our Repeat Guests throughout 2015 and promise to do so in the future as well!

2015 in Review – Kuredu’s Repeat Guests

Total number of Repeat Guests in 2015


2014: 1,908
2015: 3,189 (+67%)

Repeat Guests with 15+ visits at the Resort this year


New Repeat Guests this year
(2nd time)

1,662 + /

Record number of Repeat Guests in one week (February 2015)


Most popular month to stay:


Highest Repeat Guests



=  729 nights
=  104  weeks
=  2  years

Most impressive return visitor rate

Abby, 7 months old:

3  visits

Phoebe, 2 1/2 years old:

9  visits

Mum & Dad, Hayley & Christopher Marshall:

13  visits


4  years

Our Repeat Guests’ love for Kuredu

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