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Year in Review – Kuredu’s Repeater Guests in 2018

Year in Review – Kuredu’s Repeater Guests in 2018

16 Jan 2019

We crunched the numbers and confirmed what we’ve known all along: our repeater guests’ love for Kuredu is immense! Be it the second or the 45th holiday to the resort (read the latter again, but slowly), one thing is for sure: there’s something about Kuredu that made them fall in love with the island during their first visit and the Kuredu Bug just won’t let go.

2018 was especially amazing as Kuredu celebrated its 30th anniversary with a week-long programme of fantastic events in December (view the photo gallery here, and Prodivers’ anniversary feature here) and it was hearth-warming to see how many of our repeaters arrived to celebrate this important milestone with us, along with of course first-time holidaymakers, many of whom promised to return in summer (see our current offer here)!

2018 in Review – Kuredu’s Repeat Guests

Total number of Repeat Guests in 2018


2017: 3,716
2018: 4,049 (+9%)

Repeat Guests with 15+ visits in 2018


Repeat Guests with 30+ visits in 2018

6 + /

Record number of Repeat Guests in one month: December 2018


Most popular months to stay:

February, March, December

Highest Repeat Guests

Laurie & Terri


Special mentions

Gina Schuurman

37  visits

Lutz and Anne Jahn

30  visits

Our Repeat Guests’ love for Kuredu

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