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Celebrating Your Return with a Repeaters Cocktail Party

Celebrating Your Return with a Repeaters Cocktail Party

15 Jul 2022

Once you find that special place, a little piece of it remains in your heart forever and returning feels like coming home and that’s how many of our repeater guests describe Kuredu Resort Maldives – home away from home. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping off the seaplane and already knowing where to go for your first cocktail, how to book a table on the beach for dinner, and the way to the spa. The Kuredu team have an uncanny knack at remembering our guests too so don’t be surprised if, on your return visit, you hear someone calling your name and saying how nice it is to see you again.

If you’ve been to Kuredu once, chances are you’re already planning your return trip; if you been more than once already, you’ve probably succumbed to the Kuredu bug and have a healthy addiction to our resort! Many of you return year after year, and some more than once a year, but no matter how many times you’ve visited us, the welcome will be warm and you will feel like you’ve never been away. To celebrate and show our gratitude to all of those who make the return journey to stay with us again, we hold a Repeaters’ Cocktail Party every fortnight, bi-weekly on Thursdays, usually at the Main Pool Deck, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to catch up and enjoy delicious cocktails and canapés together.

We hope to be sending your invitation to this very special gathering soon – check our latest tempting special offers and it could be even sooner than you imagined!