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Newly Certified Rescue Swimmers

Newly Certified Rescue Swimmers

11 Apr 2016
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We are delighted to let you know that another group of Kuredu’s Team Members have passed the Rescue Swim Course!

During practical and class sessions, the candidates learned about providing first aid, gained knowledge about search planning and execution, risk assessment, maritime safety and swimming techniques.

Considering the fact that Kuredu is an island and both our guests and Resort employees spend their days in and around the water, it is extremely important that as many of our Team Members as possible are trained to provide assistance if needed. Having said that, we would like to congratulate everyone who took the course and contributed their part in making Kuredu safer for everyone.

The crucial thing, however, is that we prevent water-related incidents from happening in the first place! Before you go for a swim or a snorkel for the first time, please make sure you consult our Team as to where it’s safe to do so. Certain areas can be subject to strong currents, which the turquoise colour and the calm water surface oftentimes conceal. Don’t go out of your depth, wear fins at all times and please refrain from going snorkelling by yourself. If you don’t have anyone to buddy up with, we strongly recommend that you join the organized activities, including the guided house reef snorkelling, just to be on the safe side and to make sure your memories of Kuredu are nothing but the best!