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Responsible Manta Ray Encounters

Responsible Manta Ray Encounters

19 Aug 2021
Kuredu Snorkel Manta Maldives

With just a few weeks left until we expect the manta rays to descend upon the cleaning stations in Lhaviyani Atoll, it’s a good idea to remind ourselves of how vulnerable these magnificent creatures are and what we can do to minimise the effect we have on them. Swimming with mantas appears on the bucket lists of almost everyone visiting the Maldives and we’d agree that it’s definitely a ‘must-do’ experience, it does however need to be undertaken responsibly.

Mantas are listed as a globally ‘vulnerable’ species with decreasing populations due to the pressures of overfishing as well as the trade in their gill rakers. Manta Trust, a UK-based charity working in the Maldives has marine biologists stationed at resorts, including our sister resort Hurawalhi Maldives, working tirelessly on research, conservation and education in a bid to save the magnificent manta rays we all love to see.

A holiday at Kuredu Resort Maldives is the perfect chance to realise the dream of encountering these gentle giants of the ocean, help us keep it that way by making your interactions responsible and sustainable. Follow these guidelines, set out by the Manta Trust during your snorkelling and diving excursions when mantas are around:

– Enter the water quietly
– Keep fins under the water to avoid splashing
– Do not approach closer than 3 metres – let the manta come to you
– Approach from the side – never block its path
– Do not chase the manta as it swims past
– Never touch a manta ray
– Stay at the side of cleaning stations – never on top
– Keep low but be careful not to damage the reef
– If a manta swims towards you, stay low and stay still – do not block its path
– In addition, follow local guidelines given during the dive or snorkel briefing

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