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Importance of Kuredu’s Beautiful Seagrass Meadows

Importance of Kuredu’s Beautiful Seagrass Meadows

28 May 2024
Turtle Kuredu Resort Maldives

The crystal clear waters surrounding Kuredu Resort Maldives have white, sugar-soft sand and lush, thriving seagrass meadows beneath them – a sanctuary that is abundant with life, making the diving and snorkelling at the resort incredible. In the sunlight the emerald green of the seagrass is mesmerising as it gently sways with the wave movement, and when snorkelling or diving above it, it can seem as if there is a mini enchanted forest beneath you, full of fascinating creatures.

Seagrass meadows are important ecosystems in the Maldives, not only do they prevent beach erosion, they provide a nursery ground for numerous fish species and food for endangered green sea turtles which eat up to an astonishing 2kg of seagrass per day. Lhaviyani Atoll is home to large, healthy seagrass meadows and, thanks to these, the Maldives’ largest community of green sea turtles thrive here. Marine biology studies have shown that Kuredu’s 4 hectares of seagrass supports more than 70 green sea turtles!

Despite the many benefits of seagrass meadows, globally, like coral reefs, they are under threat by dredging, trawling, pollution and even removal. Turtles are much-loved by our snorkelers and divers and it’s important to realise that we have the seagrass meadows to thank for the numerous sightings we have of these endangered creatures. Maintaining this healthy seagrass meadow aids not only the survival of our marine life but also protects Kuredu’s beautiful beaches.

Be sure to pay our seagrass meadows a visit during your stay with us – those of you who are not yet snorkelers can join the Prodivers team to gain confidence in the water before exploring the turtles’ feasting grounds!