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What To Expect On Your Seaplane Transfer

What To Expect On Your Seaplane Transfer

13 May 2021
Maldives Seaplane Transfer

Life is all about the journey – especially when it’s by seaplane!

It’s hard to beat the thrill of a seaplane journey, images straight from the glossy travel brochures unfold below as you soar above the atolls and glimpse the outstanding beauty of the Maldives. Kuredu Resort Maldives is one of those few destinations you will go to where the transfer is not just another stage to get through before arriving in paradise, it’s very much part of the collection of holiday highlights that will make your heart sing.

So, you’ve landed in the Maldives, what next?

After arrival at Velana International Airport, Male, you will hop on a bus for a short drive to the Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) terminal. The seaplane allowance for checked-in luggage is 20 kg while carry-on luggage is 5 kg per person. Our staff will welcome you with complimentary bottled water, soft drinks, and tea or coffee. The free WiFi is the perfect opportunity to open the Kuredu App and complete the check-in information before browsing and booking some of those special experiences you’ve been dreaming of while you relax in air-conditioned comfort or al fresco on the deck until your flight departs.

Seaplanes operate during the hours of daylight so if your international flight arrives too late for a transfer that day we can help you secure a hotel booking ready for an early departure the following day.

Top tips:

– Although TMA do their best to carry your luggage on the same seaplane as you, on busy transfer days it may arrive on a later flight so please take medication, travel documents and beach wear on the flight with you in your hand luggage, just in case.

– Change into light clothes at the airport so you step from the seaplane refreshed and ready to kick off your shoes and embrace island life. Kuredu’s sandy floors are perfect for bare feet or flip flops – heels definitely don’t need to take up your packing space!

– Seaplanes are noisy, you may wish to bring earplugs if you are sensitive to this.

– You are about to experience one of the world’s most scenic flights. Make sure your camera is charged and handy. Fasten your seat belts and admire the views of the spectacular place you’ve chosen for your holiday!