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Tips to Keep in Mind When Snorkelling at Kuredu

Tips to Keep in Mind When Snorkelling at Kuredu

22 May 2018
Kuredu Resort Maldives snorkelling

Warm waters and diverse marine life make snorkelling a must for anyone visiting the Maldives. Kuredu, a resort known for its variety of snorkel sites that appeal to all generations and experience levels, is no exception. But before you go and explore the ocean, here’s what will help you make your adventure safe and fun:

Tips for all Kuredu’s snorkellers:

Use Suitable Equipment

There are many options for masks, snorkels and fins out there and the most important factor when choosing is a proper fit and comfort.

Masks shouldn’t be too tight (tightening a mask will not usually stop it leaking), and the snorkel not too long. Extra-long snorkels and full-face masks can lead to a buildup of CO2, causing breathing difficulties. If you are buying your own snorkel or full face-mask, make sure it complies with international standards (either EN250:2014 or EN250A).

Kuredu and Prodivers do not advocate the usage of full-face snorkelling masks.

Fins are a must! When snorkelling you will encounter ocean currents and fins will make it much easier to swim in the desired direction. When choosing fins, it is better to have them a little loose rather than too tight to avoid cramps.

Use Sun Protection

At Kuredu it is hot and sunny most of the time, and it is very easy to get sunburnt and to become dehydrated. Always look to use sun protection (ideally SPF 30). We recommend snorkellers wear rash guards – these UV-resistant tops are great at blocking out the sunrays. Wear shorts as places that don’t often get to see the sun can often burn very quickly.

To reduce the risk of dehydration, make sure you drink plenty of water! Grab the eco-friendly bottle from your villa and have it refilled anywhere on the island, and drink sufficient water during your meals and at bars.

Familiarise yourself with the area

Before heading out on to the reef, make sure you are comfortable in shallow water. It is important for your safety that you know the basics snorkelling technique and are familiar with the equipment.
All masks and snorkels can and will leak, so make sure you know how to clear them (again, full-face masks can be a problem).

Buoyancy aids are available for rent for those who feel they need some additional help.
Please visit the dive center, whose experienced team can advise you on equipment, where and when to snorkel as well as tips on the best places to spot our amazing marine life. Join their complimentary information and lagoon snorkelling sessions and join guided trips to make the most of your experience.

Guidelines for snorkelling – at a glance:

1. Never snorkel by yourself! For your safety, find a snorkel buddy or join our guided activities.
2. Note that the currents around Kuredu are unpredictable and at times very strong, that also goes for the house reef, so make sure you’re never alone in the water and wear fins at all times.
3. Please don’t touch anything in the water.
4. Protect yourself from the sun before your snorkel by applying sunblock and wearing a UV protection shirt.
5. Drop by at the dive centre or ask your Island Host or reception any questions about snorkelling in the lagoon or on the house reef.