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Spa Treatment for Sun-Drenched Skin

Spa Treatment for Sun-Drenched Skin

13 Apr 2023

A holiday in the Maldives is synonymous with days spent under the equatorial sun and cooling off in the ocean at every opportunity. Snorkelling, kayaking and swimming are just a few of the activities you can enjoy that will allow you to feel refreshed by the water while still feeling the sun’s rays whilst staying at Kuredu Resort Maldives. Good sun protection is an absolute must and we recommend a reef-friendly product to prevent harming the fragile corals and marine life, a rash guard offers extra protection when taking part in water activities. Seek the shade when the sun is at its strongest between 11am and 2pm – this is the perfect time to read a book under a palm tree, enjoy a deliciously refreshing drink at the bar and relax over lunch!

No matter how conscientious you are with applying sun protection and having time in the shade, it’s likely there will be days when you get a little too much sun and your skin feels neglected and the therapists at Duniye Spa have the perfect remedy waiting for you, the Tropical Breeze Cooler. This special treatment is perfect for sun-drenched skin and uses the purest natural ingredients to cool, repair and restore your skin. An aloe body wrap is applied to restore and heal damaged skin, and a hydra-boost skin care treatment is used on the face to restore radiance and structure to the epidermis.

Of course, you don’t need to get too much sun for an excuse to visit the spa, there is a huge array of treatments available and they can be viewed and booked using the Kuredu App or by visiting