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Kuredu’s Got Talent: Spinner Dolphins

Kuredu’s Got Talent: Spinner Dolphins

27 Sep 2015

Kuredu offers incredible opportunities to see wild Spinner Dolphins as they spend their days relaxing and hunting for food inside the Atoll. They are often seen cruising past Sai Kotari or the ‘O’ Resort at the end of the day, and the special dolphin excursions offered by MSTS do not disappoint in finding the nearest pods of these amazing creatures. Divers and snorkellers record numerous experiences on the daily excursions run by Prodivers, while guests on the full day luxury sailing excursions typically see performances from a number of different pods throughout the day.

Spinners (aka the long-snouted dolphin) are one of the most social of all species. It is also one of the most spectacular to watch due to amazing jumps, flips and spins.

There is a good reason behind the name. Not only is spinning its trademark and a method for removing parasites, but each splash is thought to mean something different – anything from ‘let’s move’, ‘danger’, to ‘step on the gas, captain Abdullah’.

Female Spinners (‘cows’) can mate with several males (‘bulls’) in a day, and keep a strong bond with their calves once they are born. The males, unaware as to which ones of the calves are their own, simply protect them all! A slightly unconventional family, but it works!

It is common to see them returning to the same locations day after day – and they seem to fancy the warm and rich waters of the Lhaviyani Atoll, as we are lucky to spot them almost on a daily basis.