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Kuredu’s Unique Take on Spirits

Kuredu’s Unique Take on Spirits

10 Oct 2019

Just like Kuredu in general exceeds the standard definition of excellent, so too does the resort’s Food and Beverage Manager, Florian Niessing, who’s constantly on the lookout for ways to create unique and enjoyable experiences that leave a lasting impression. His newest wrinkle? Aged, small-batch spirits that have stirred not shaken Kuredu’s already lively bar scene.

A rarity in the Maldives and the Indian Ocean, Kuredu takes pride in having its own range of spirits. Each signature batch of Kuredu Vodka and Kuredu Gin is a single-origin liquid journey, handcrafted by macerating a unique blend of spices that are then infused with high quality spirits. Be sure to try some of the four seducing organic gins and vodkas aged to perfection on Kuredu. On the whisky front you can enjoy the rarest two whiskies (UK Blend and American Blend) and three whisky-based liquors (Fire eater (cinnamon), Bee eater (honey) and Cookie eater (Irish cream) within the Indian Ocean, all handcrafted and preciously blended. Those of you who prefer rum will love the aged spiced rum (12, 15 and 23 years) and the very unique Falernum. No tropical holiday is complete without good cocktails, so the 15 bespoke aged cocktails available at Sangu, O and Babuna bars will be a delight!

What’s more, there’s great news for those of you who love spirits but wish to abstain from alcohol: meet Wa’La, a range of spirits, found exclusively at Kuredu. Bottled right here on the island after blending with pristine Maldivian water, this unique selection adds carefully curated beverages to the offering as a response to the increasing demand for healthier, non-alcoholic drinks.

You’ve made it all the way to the Maldives in search for a paradise island, so don’t miss out on trying some of Kuredu’s unique spirits to bring about that real tropical feel!