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Salute the Sun with Yoga at Home

Salute the Sun with Yoga at Home

08 Aug 2020
Yoga on the Beach

We all know that the key to a happy soul is a holiday at Kuredu Maldives but if that’s not possible at the moment we can share a little tip to a happier ‘you’ at home… Start each day with yoga – it respects your body’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and has many health benefits too, happiness being one of them!

For daily practice at home, make Surya Namaskar, also known as Salutations to the Sun, the first thing you do each morning. The benefits are far reaching and include strengthening your back and muscles, lowering blood suger levels, improving metaboilism and blood circulation. It can help those battling with depression, anxiety and insomnia and is a great detox aid too.

Repeat each set of asanas (yoga poses) 12 times from both sides, facing the direction of the rising sun (if you want to keep with tradition), it should take about 15 minutes in total but complete at a faster pace if you want to reap the rewards of a cardo workout and weight loss as well. Don’t be surprised if you notice a nipped in waistline after a few weeks of this new morning routine.

When you next visit Kuredu, join our resident yogi and in the meantime remember that daily sun salutations will get you that Kuredu glow and feeling of wellbeing from right where you are!

Salutation to the Sun Yoga