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Surprise your friends and family, staying at Kuredu!

Surprise your friends and family, staying at Kuredu!

11 Apr 2016
kuredu wine tasting

First of all, let us thank you for the numerous recommendations about Kuredu that you’ve made to your friends and family. Many guests choose to stay at the Resort because you, our loyal Repeat Guests, share impressions of your fabulous stay with them. Your good word is truly appreciated and we promise to take excellent care of your dearest ones during their holiday.

When your friends and family, or someone you know, book their stay at Kuredu, you can make them feel as homey as you do here with a nice little treat. To tell them you wish them a brilliant time at what is also your home away from home, why not surprise them with a bottle of sparkling wine to enjoy on the terrace, or give them the gift of discovering the marine life that they only know about through your stories.

If you can’t spend the holiday together with your loved ones, you will surely find something suitable and memorable for them in Kuredu Gifts that will make them think of you when they get to find out whether the Resort is really as good as you promised them it would be!