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How Kuredu Solves the Problem of Fresh Water Scarcity

How Kuredu Solves the Problem of Fresh Water Scarcity

22 Mar 2021
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From the Ocean to the Glass

Kuredu Resort Maldives is located amidst one of the most vulnerable eco-systems in the world, sitting atop an island surrounded by coral reefs and seagrass meadows in the Indian Ocean. It is therefore crucial to have an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to our operations at the resort – it is key to conserving this beautiful environment for all the creatures that live here and for future generations to visit and enjoy.

One area that has needed careful consideration over the years is water. Although surrounded by more water than you will probably ever see elsewhere in your life, the islands of the Maldives have an abundance of salt water but that comes with a scarcity of fresh water. Historically, and to some extent today, rainwater in the Maldives was collected from the rooftops and stored for drinking water. Later came the importing of plastic bottles and we all know only too well the conservation disaster that the world’s use of plastic is causing. Technology has brought an alternative, a way of using the plentiful supply of salt water and turning it into water fresh and delicious enough to drink, and Kuredu has harnessed this technology in it’s desalination and bottling plant.

Using top-of-the-range equipment, we use a process called reverse osmosis, which uses high pressure to force water through a membrane, separating it from unwanted substances. Before being bottled, water is mineralized and chilled. The plant operates under strict hygiene standards and is tested for quality and pH levels every 100 liters.

The water bottling plant has allowed a huge reduction in the amount of plastic used at the resort, we used to use on average 1200 plastic water bottles per day! With the in-house production of drinking water and bottling thereof using reuseable glass bottles, we can produce up to 60,000 liters each month, which is the equivalent saving of over 440,000 plastic bottles per year.

UN’s World Water Day, celebrated on 22nd March each year, brings attention to the scarce and valuable nature of fresh drinking water, a resource that should never be taken for granted. Help us to celebrate this special day by reducing consumption, whether you are staying with us, or are at home. If each person took just a few simple steps, the results would save an unimaginable amount of this precious resource – every drop counts! Make a pledge to yourself and the environment to reduce your shower time slightly or turn off the tap when brushing your teeth – these are just two easy steps you can take, not just on World Water Day, but every day.

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