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Tee Time!

Tee Time!

22 Aug 2015
Kuredu Maldives Golf Pro

As much as spending your holiday in the Maldives is about relaxation, enjoying the little things in life (think watching the crimson sun set over the sea, waking up to the sound of the swaying palm trees…) and the much-needed quality time with your loved ones, it is also about treating yourself to experiences that you are unlikely to have anywhere else in the world. Like playing golf on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Jody, Kuredu’s resident PGA-certified Golf Pro, is known to provide great motivation and training not only to experienced golfers, but also to guests who’ve never tried it before yet would love to return home and tell their friends: ‘Oh, and did I mention I took up golf while in the Maldives?’.

With over 11 years experience at two of the UK’s most prestigious clubs (Royal Liverpool and Sunningdale), Jody is the man to talk to if the idea of giving golf a try appeals to you. Or if you’d like to hear first-hand stories about Tiger Woods when he was still in his prime.

Put your name down for one of the free introductory sessions that are part of your all-inclusive package to learn the basics, or speak with Jody about more in-depth sessions, tailored to suit your needs, and bound to perfect your swings.