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Don’t Miss These Snorkelling Experiences at Kuredu!

Don’t Miss These Snorkelling Experiences at Kuredu!

20 Feb 2023

A holiday at Kuredu just wouldn’t be complete without a few snorkelling adventures! The extensive lagoons, swathes of seagrass where turtles like to forage for food, a stunning house reef with a shipwreck and a dedicated Snorkel Team at Prodivers Dive Center who can teach you to use the equipment, help you gain confidence and take you on incredible adventures, makes Kuredu a great choice for those wanting to explore the beautiful reefs of the Maldives from the surface of the ocean.

With so many activities on offer, it can be difficult deciding what to choose so here are 5 snorkelling experiences you won’t want to miss:

Manta Search Boat

The Lhaviyani Atoll is renowned for its breathtaking Manta Ray encounters and the joy of snorkelling with these gentle giants is difficult to surpass. Nothing beats the excitement as you make your way to the “Manta Point – Fushivaru”. This trip allows you to learn about these magnificent creatures whilst on your way to admire their beauty. Discover more about the research project that Prodivers is involved in, how to identify individual manta rays and additional interesting facts about their life cycles, feeding habits and the dangers that they face in today’s world. Note: This trip only runs during the manta ray season and when sightings have been made. Although we try our very best to find manta rays, we cannot guarantee it.

Turtle Search

Kuredu’s reefs are home the the Maldives’ largest population of green sea turtles so this really is an amazing opportunity to come face-to-face with these fascinating creatures. Join our marine biologist and learn more about the life cycle of sea turtles, the threats they face and the unique sea turtle population around Kuredu! Go on a guided tour of Kuredu Lagoon and House Reef and search for our resident turtles. Learn how to take identification photos, identify individual turtles and discover the different sea turtle behaviours.

Explore the House Reef & Shipwreck

The easily accessible House Reef offers a huge variety of marine life and even a shipwreck! The sunken ship has become an artificial reef, providing a platform for coral growth and a shelter for several fish species. During the day, schools of Bat Fish can be seen hanging around the wreck. Join one of Prodivers’ experiences guides for this tour – they know the reef like the back of their hand!

Visit ‘Turtle Airport’ a.k.a. Caves

Kuredu Caves is one of a kind – the reef has a series of overhangs and ledges where the turtles rest and when they need to breathe, they swim up to the surface, take a gulp of air and glide back down again – just as if aeroplanes are taking off and landing! Keep a look out for reef sharks, napoleon wrasse and eagle rays too.

Night Snorkelling

Snorkel Kuredu’s house reef after the sun has set, and discover a new world. See how the reef, and its inhabitants change as darkness descends. Beautiful feather stars open up, feeding in the currents, vivid green parrot fish can be seen sleeping amongst the coral blocks, and the jacks and snappers of the reef dart around hunting for food. Night also brings some of the reefs larger inhabitants into shallower water, with big nurse sharks, sting rays and hump head parrot fish all regularly seen on night time adventures.

All of the above adventures, and lots more, can be booked using the Kuredu App or as soon as you have a confirmed reservation at the resort, until then, it’s a great way to plan your dream itinerary!