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Kuredu is a Sea Turtle Hotspot!

Kuredu is a Sea Turtle Hotspot!

18 May 2018
Turtle Kuredu Resort Maldives

If you love the ocean, swimming alongside sea turtles is surely on your bucket list. Thanks to Lhaviyani Atoll’s large sea turtle population, Kuredu is one of the Maldives’ most well-known jumping-off resorts to make it happen; here you can snorkel or dive with these ancient, graceful creatures and learn more about the importance of their conservation.

According to Dr. Stephanie Köhnk, Kuredu’s resident Sea Turtle Biologist and Educator and Olive Ridley Project team member who’s at the wheel of the resort’s Marine Center, a total of 287 sea turtles have been identified in the atoll. Of these, 170 turtles are green sea turtles, meaning that nearly half of all the green sea turtles in the Maldives live in this area. In addition to the atoll’s green sea turtles, 103 hawksbill turtles have been identified.

Almost half of all the identified green sea turtles in the Maldives live in Lhaviyani Atoll, and nearly all of them can be found around Kuredu.

Join Stephanie for guided, insightful turtle tours in the island’s lagoon, or hop on a snorkel or dive boat to the famous ‘Turtle Airport’. If you wish to arrive at Kuredu prepared (or simply because you’re a curious, ocean-loving soul!), read Olive Ridley Project’s Sea Turtle Code of Conduct to find out how to keep the experience joyful for guests and turtles alike.

Image credit: Stephanie Köhnk / Olive Ridley Project