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Visit the Turtle Preservation Sanctuary

Visit the Turtle Preservation Sanctuary

29 Nov 2015
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We have added yet another excursion to the wide range of options that you have to make the most of your stay in the Maldives. The Kuredu Excursions Team invite you to visit the Turtle Preservation Sanctuary on the nearby local island of Naifaru.

The Atoll Marine Centre, a conservation base run by the local NGO Naifaru Juvenile and supported and manned by Atoll Volunteers, is unique in that it is the only marine conservation initiative of its kind in the Maldives to be run from a local island as opposed to a resort. They are proud to be able to incorporate a strong focus on environmental education and community involvement in the running of their marine conservation programs.

The Marine Centre is home to over 40 turtles of all shapes, sizes, breeds and health conditions. Some are only weeks old and taken care of until they are strong enough to embark on their tough journey to adulthood in the ocean.

With heaps of interesting information that the Centre offers, we hope that the latest addition to our excursions assortment will be received well, especially by those of you have tried and tested all the other excursions that Kuredu has on offer and are looking for something new.

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