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Variety is the spice of life!

Variety is the spice of life!

23 Oct 2015
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Kuredu is well known for the diversity and variety of its food on offer at its restaurants. With a big variety of food available at buffet spreads, not only do we encourage you to eat healthy, but also make sure that your diet in paradise never gets monotonous.

Take for example the delectable cold cuts at Bonthi, Koamas, Sangu and ‘O’ Restaurants. Kuredu’s culinary team are providing 15 varieties of cold cuts, a range of pork and turkey hams on a daily breakfast buffet rotation alone.

Recently, we have also introduced Kuredu’s inhouse, homemade cuts, smoked with apple wood chips: Smoked Norwegian Salmon, Smoked Maldivian Tuna and Smoked Chicken. We hope you will like the latest additions to the buffet.

Executive Chef Paul puts a lot of time into teaching his passionate Cold Kitchen Team about the varieties of cold cuts, as well as familiarizing the Team with the origin of products available at the Resort. In the photo below, the Team are having a run-through of the current cold cuts variety, including the recently introduced smoked aliments.

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