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Kuredu’s Veli Dinner: A unique fine dining treat

Kuredu’s Veli Dinner: A unique fine dining treat

27 Apr 2015
Kuredu Veli Dinner Maldives

The culinary and events teams at Kuredu Resort & Spa, Maldives, are always on the lookout for new, enticing ways to make your stay at the resort memorable.

And as befits the Maldives’ depiction of it being a world-class romantic holiday destination, its awe-inspiring dining options under the star-lit sky are not to be missed.

Enter Veli Dinner!

Based on your positive feedback about Kuredu’s dining in the sand experience, we have included this enrapturing fine dining experience to our ‘Top 10 things to do‘ list.

The 5-course menu, paired with a bottle of wine, together with the soft sand arrangement, overlooking Kuredu’s iconic sandbank, is a true bed of roses that will wow you.