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Stunning Video Footage of the Manta Madness

Stunning Video Footage of the Manta Madness

29 Nov 2015
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If you are not on Kuredu right now, you are missing out a lot! The Manta season, which kicked off last month, seems to be at its peak as we have been having almost daily encounters with these magnificent creatures very close to the Resort.

The magnificent Manta Rays are one of Kuredu’s biggest attractions and with favourable conditions that the North-East Monsoon is bringing, we are lucky to witness some fascinating sights just off the island. The Fushivaru area on the east side of the Atoll is where the Mantas can find the best plankton bowl at the moment. And since the ocean is an itchy place, and no one ever said ‘no’ to a Spa treatment to settle that full stomach, you may find Mantas spending hours on the cleaning station where the resident cleaner fish open shop and do the dirty work of removing parasites and any food leftovers from the Mantas’ bodies and mammoth mouth.

A delicious plankton meal has brought the magnificent Manta Rays to the Lhaviyani Atoll, giving snorkellers and divers an incredible opportunity to see one of the ocean’s largest fish in their natural environment.

But to give you a better idea what diving and snorkelling with Prodivers has been like over the past week weeks, we highly recommend you take less than two minutes of your time have a look at this: