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Kuredu’s innovative water bottling plant

Kuredu’s innovative water bottling plant

14 Sep 2014
Kuredu Maldives Resort

With ninety-nine percent of the country comprised of water, it is crucial for all Maldives resorts and local islands to minimize human impact on this fragile environment.

With the opening of the water bottling plant in 2013, Kuredu has made a big attempt to eventually kick the plastic bottle habit completely, and thereby reduce the negative effects that plastic pollution has on the oceans – and consequently on the whole planet.

Until the setting up of the plant, we used on average 1200 plastic water bottles per day, roughly 420,000 per year. With the in-house production of drinking water and bottling thereof, we can produce up to 60,000 liters each month, which is the equivalent of 440,000 plastic bottles per year.

How is it done? In short, we use a process called reverse osmosis, which uses high pressure to force water through a membrane, separating it from unwanted substances. Before being bottled, water is mineralized and chilled. The plant operates under strict hygiene standards and is tested for quality and pH levels every 100 liters.

Kuredu is an island metropolis, albeit an environmentally conscious one! Without compromising your comfort, we are always on the lookout for new ways to offer you an eco-friendly paradise experience.

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