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Embark Upon a Journey to Wellness at Kuredu

Embark Upon a Journey to Wellness at Kuredu

19 Jun 2024

Kuredu Resort Maldives provides an escape from the daily treadmill of work, chores and stress, and offers the ideal opportunity to embark upon a wellness journey, the rewards of which will be reaped long after your holiday is over. The resort offers a plethora of indulgent treatments, spa packages and activities to help you relax, rejuvenate and restore your body, mind and mental health.

Kuredu’s award-winning Duniye Spa provides a luxurious experience with a menu packed with indulgent treatments, including an array of experiences designed with well-being in mind. Choose from an invigorating Thai Massage to increase the energy flow or succumb to a harmonising Mindful Journey with a full-body massage and followed by a sound and energy experience. If you’ve never immersed yourself in a Sound Bath before, Kuredu’s spa provides the perfect opportunity to do so – the Himalayan singing bowls work wonders for wellness. Spa experiences can be booked prior to your arrival using the Kuredu App to ensure you don’t miss out once you get carried away enjoying island life!

Wellness at Kuredu doesn’t start and end at the spa, our resort is the perfect destination to lose yourself in the beauty of nature too. Although the resort’s pools are inviting, we recommend you take advantage of the bath-like ocean temperatures and go wild swimming in the lagoons, don your mask and fins and snorkel to explore the seagrass meadows and glimpse all the wonderful marine life including our resident sea turtles. For an immersive activity where mindfulness comes naturally, take the plunge and join our team at Prodivers for scuba diving – to be surrounded by an abundance of marine life whilst enjoying the feeling of weightlessness and focusing almost entirely on the rhythm of your own breathing will leave you feeling exhilarated and in love with life.

Yoga is available for all experience levels along with a plethora of other fitness opportunities. Since balance is important where wellness is concerned, ensure you sample the fine dining opportunities and delicious cocktails here too; and relaxing with your favourite book should not be forgotten!

The first step on your Kuredu wellness journey should be a trip to our special offers page!