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What to Pack for Your Holiday in the Maldives

What to Pack for Your Holiday in the Maldives

22 Aug 2022

As your holiday to Kuredu Resort Maldives draws closer, you’ll probably be wondering what to pack and we have good news – not too much is needed for a holiday here. A year-round tropical climate means that unlike most other destinations, you don’t need to pack for every eventuality – it’s going to be hot and sunny. every. single. day!

Daywear staples are two or three of changes of swimwear, sarongs, shorts, lightweight tops and cool simple dresses. A UV protection rash guard will be useful to protect your back whilst snorkelling and a long sleeve linen or cotton shirt for days where you feel you’ve had just a bit too much sun and want to cover up.

If you plan to go snorkelling (it would be a shame to visit a world-renowned snorkelling and diving destination and not see the turtles and rays!) and have your own mask, fins and snorkel already, bring them if you can squeeze them in but don’t worry if not – our team at the dive center have a full range of high quality rental gear and are experts in ensuring a perfect fit which will be better than purchasing a budget set prior to arrival. If you want to take advantage of Kuredu’s extensive sporting and fitness facilities, throw in your running shoes and training clothes. High factor, preferably reef-friendly, sunscreen is essential, even in the shade – top-ups can be purchase on the island.

Evenings are just as warm as the days and you’ll want cool dresses, shorts and short sleeve shirts – tropical casual is the general dress code. Remember to pack something white for our famous White Party night. Leave your fancy footwear and high heels at home and pack a couple of pairs of flip flops, you’ll probably be barefoot most of the time as there’s nothing better than feeling the warm sand beneath your toes.

Top tip – make use of our laundry service and travel light – now is a great time to perfect the capsule wardrobe technique – you’ll travel like a pro and have the added bonus of hardly any laundry when you return home!

Happy packing, we’ll see you soon!