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Why Sea Turtles Love Kuredu

Why Sea Turtles Love Kuredu

01 Apr 2019
Kuredu Resort Maldives

Kuredu has the largest population of green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) in the whole of Maldives, in fact it’s home to over 170 of them!

What is it about Kuredu that makes it so popular with green sea turtles? One reason is related to their diet; as they mature their diet switches from omnivorous to solely plant based and sea grass is a favourite food source. The extensive sea grass meadows surrounding Kuredu are the main reason for the vast abundance of green sea turtles here. In just 4 hectares of seagrass The Olive Ridley Project have identified 78 green sea turtles!

Kuredu provides a perfect foraging ground for the green sea turtles. After foraging comes resting and the house reef and Kuredu Caves on the north side of the island provide a place where the turtles can relax after filling up on the healthy sea grass. The uniqueness of both foraging and resting area in close proximity is the reason why the turtles come and stay at Kuredu. Maybe the turtles will be the reason why you come to Kuredu!

Aside from our lovely turtles, we can also find many species of sharks, rays and innumerable numbers of fishes and invertebrates amongst the sea grass, one of the most diverse habitats in the ocean. Additionally, the roots of seagrass reach deep into the sand holding the sediment in place and thereby protect our islands from erosion.

Come and enjoy snorkelling over the green seagrass meadows and fall in love with the turtles and Kuredu!