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Wine & Dine / Bars

Everyone has a favourite one…

Choosing your own holiday pace goes hand in hand with choosing your favourite bar. Be it refreshing afternoon drinks or evening entertainment, Kuredu’s bars afford comfortable venues with a wide selection of drinks and snacks available.

Kuredu Bar Scene

Kuredu’s vibrant bar scene offers a rich variety of choices. While you can enjoy your all-inclusive drinks in all main bars, each impresses with a unique concept and a signature drinks menu:

Babuna Bar – All-rounder bar, famous cocktails, shots as well as Kuredu’s all-time favorites.

Sangu Bar – The biggest variety of gin and gin cocktails. To be gin or not to be…

O Bar – Vodka and views, welcome to a wide range of up to 20 international vodkas and the most wanted vodka cocktails.

Akiri Bar – For a true paradise lover there has to be rum! Find a colorful selection of rums from all over the globe including fancy tiki cocktails.

Pool Bar – Margaritas, daiquiris and bikinis, perfect to cool down from the heat with an impressive selection of frozen cocktails.

Golf Bar – It’s all about the game while sipping on international beers, long drinks and wine.

Sangu – Wine cellar with a selection of up to 250 labels selected by our sommelier.

Sai Kotari – The perfect place to enjoy the sunset, high quality hot beverages and international beer.

The a la carte restaurants boast a cherry-picked selection of bar menus too: The Far East – Asian spirits, Franco’s and Beach Shack – healthy, organic beverages.

Sangu Bar

As romantic at it gets. Laze away the sunny afternoons under the ceiling fans or on the outside deck, overlooking the wedding chapel on Kuredu’s most scenic side of the island. Make the Sangu bar a pit stop on your walk around the island and a must-visit place for sundowners; don’t go past the Sangu wine cellar either! Please note that Sangu Resort facilities are open for guests above eighteen years of age.

‘O’ Bar

Blending perfectly with the ‘O’ Restaurant and the pool area, the ‘O’ Bar is luxury entwined with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Comfortable in- and outdoor seating area and a wide selection of beverages available, the ‘O’ bar is perfect for after-breakfast brews, resting your tummy after lunch, and after-dinner stargazing and ocean discovery evenings. Not to miss! Please note that the ‘O’ Resort facilities are open for guests above twelve years of age.

Babuna Bar

One of the shady hideaways from the midday sun, the Babuna bar located close to the main pool area, is mainly known as being the main entertainment venue on the island. Babuna bar is where everyone’s at on Friday night when the traditional White Night Parties rock the island. Don’t miss live band performances, evening animation and the lazy boy loungers that work best with a Kurumba in hand.

Pool Bar

Pool is bar is as close to your local pub as you are likely to get. This is where people escape the hot Maldivian sun in the afternoon and cool off with cold drinks, catch up with other guests sipping on refreshing cocktails, and reflect on their day over a few beers with the newly-made friends and staff. Don’t be surprised if the bartenders are already adding ice to your favourite drink when they see you approach the bar, give you food for thought with their card tricks, and compliment your tan – in your language.

Akiri Bar

Overlooking MSTS and the front side of the island, Akiri’s romantic setting makes it a great place for a quite evening drink, or soaking in the afternoon sun with your favourite cocktail in hand. Its large wooden deck, lit by candles in the evening, is a place you’re most likely to return to several times during your holiday.

Raalhu Bar

A comfy chill-out spot at Kuredu’s Watersport center. Have a smoothie while you’re checking the wind guru forecast with your windsurfing or kiting instructor, or a freshly squeezed juice on your return from the paragliding, dolphin safari or manta search excursion

Golf Bar

Quench your thirst with a cold beer or a soft drink after a round of golf or practice at the driving range. A favourite of many sports fans, the Golf bar is where are the major sports events will be shown. Ladies, this is the first place to look for your men if you can’t find them!

Sai Kotari Tea House

Owing to its location at the end of the jetty, Sai Kotari is a favourite of those of you who fancy a quiet ocean-view drink. Famous for its wide selection of tea and coffee, paired with finger-licking pastries, this local tea house is even more idyllic when lights go on at dusk and you get disturbed by the splashing of jack fish and the standing up of other guests in order to observe the baby eagle rays pass by.