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Island Ice

Island Ice / What would life be like without ice cream?

A beach holiday and ice cream go hand in hand and nothing cools you off on a Maldivian island more than a generous serving of sumptuous ice cream.

The scoop on Kuredu’s endless possibilities for a refreshing treat isn’t complete without Island Ice. While making your way around Kuredu Resort & Spa, don’t forget to stop for a well deserved frozen treat at this al fresco ice cream parlour with a variety of flavours and ingenious toppings that make the experience finger licking good!

Don’t forget the sprinkles!

Latest scoops at Island Ice

  • Freshly made ice cream
    You would think freshly made ice cream can be taken for granted in the Maldives. Well, you'd be surprised to find out that ice cream parlours are not that common at Maldives resorts, unless you're at Kuredu Resort & Spa. Try our fresh ice cream and celebrate the sweet taste of paradise - in paradise!
    Freshly made ice cream
  • Island flavours
    Discover your personal favourite with the line-up of ice cream at Island Ice. They've all passed our taste test and we're certain they will yours too!
    Island flavours
  • Top toppings
    Scoop up some ice cream fun at Island Ice with our top selection of toppings. Add a creative touch to your ice cream with caramel, chocolate chips, fresh fruit, cream, strawberry and chocolate fudge, toasted coconut and many, many more. Yummy!
    Top toppings