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Wine Cellar

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Eternalize your dream holiday with a bottle of exclusively available wines

With more than 1,100 premium, exclusively available wines, the Sangu wine cellar is a true source of indulgence and provides the option of adding a luxe touch to your holiday at Kuredu.

Celebrate your special occasion in a fine style, or simply allow yourself to enjoy a bottle of the world’s most grandiose wine to create an ambiance with your loved one, just like you pictured it.

A perfect bottle of wine for every occasion...

  • Hand-picked wine selection
    Boasting 1,100 bottles from some of the world's most renowned wine producers, the Sangu wine cellar will wow you with choice, and give you a wide array of tastes to choose from to make the wining occasion one to remember.
    Hand-picked wine selection
  • Knowledgeable sommelier to assist you
    With such a long list of wines, no wine cellar is complete without a knowledgeable sommelier. Trained to know all the ins and outs about production area, vintages and other characteristics necessary for pairing wine with food, our resident sommelier is there to help you make the best choices.
    Knowledgeable sommelier to assist you
  • Have it your way
    The wine cellar is located at the Sangu Restaurant. If you would like to treat yourself to a bottle at a different restaurant, have it delivered to your room or add a bottle of the finest to your candlelight dinner, it goes without saying that we can make it happen.
    Have it your way