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One Island, Eight Bars and Kuredu’s Wine Tour!

One Island, Eight Bars and Kuredu’s Wine Tour!

30 Apr 2022
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When you think of the activities you can do in the Maldives, snorkelling, scuba diving and spa treatments will probably come to mind, along with sipping delicious cocktails and lounging on the pristine beaches of course. A wine tour is unlikely to feature as a possibility as this is surely something you do on holidays to the famous wine regions of France, Spain and South Africa etcetera? You weren’t counting on Kuredu Resort Maldives being full of surprises! This unique and remarkable tour will allow you to visit Kuredu’s 8 different bars, all with their own special ambience and stunning views, and discover 13 unique wines and champagnes. The tour is rounded off with an unforgettable poolside VIP dinner at Sangu Restaurant.

As part of Kuredu Maldives’ ongoing commitment to sustainability and looking after the environment, we are proud to offer ‘Sea Change’ wine as part of our Wine Tour. ‘Sea Change’ is a new range of ethically sourced, environmentally conscious wines that support ocean conservation through direct partnerships with key ocean and marine focused charities. The range has been designed with minimal packaging in mind to reduce potential waste and to maximise its environmental credentials. Once you don you mask and take your snorkel and fins into the Indian Ocean and see the magical world of the coral reefs, you’ll understand why supporting ocean conservation is so important to us here at Kuredu. Who ever would have thought that by drinking wine you could save the ocean?!

Kuredu’s Wine Tour is available to book via our mobile app or by visiting As soon as you have a confirmed reservation you can start building your bespoke holiday itinerary.