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World Environment Day

World Environment Day

05 Jun 2020

The theme of World Environment Day for 2020 is ‘Biodiversity’ and here at Kuredu Resort Maldives we have plenty to celebrate as we are endowed with a striking richness of biological diversity.

Nature lovers will adore the opportunities to admire everything from the giant fruitbats hanging from the trees and graceful white-tailed tropic birds to the geckos and colourful lizards basking in the sun. Photos of the heron that pays us regular visits are a must as are those of the beautiful vegetation covering the island – for such a small patch of land, Kuredu has a lot of nature to celebrate!

The real star of the show when it comes to biodiversity of course is the ocean surrounding our island; at Kuredu we are privileged to be surrounded by not only coral reefs but seagrass meadows too and both are vitally important ecosystems. The reefs are home to diverse coral, a plethora of micro critters and an astounding variety of fish, exploring the reefs is a must. Sharks and rays are seen regularly while diving and snorkelling, as are dolphins. The Maldives’ largest community of green sea turtles have made the reefs of Kuredu their home and they can be seen feeding on the seagrass very close to shore. Even from the beach you can get a glimpse of what treasures lie below the surface. You can watch baby sharks practising their hunting skills in the shallows during your strolls around the island.

Here at Kuredu we respect this wonderfully biodiverse environment and endeavour to protect it in all that we do, from line drying most of our laundry and supplying eco-friendly bathroom products to bottling our own water and growing our own fruit and vegetables.