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World Environment and World Oceans Day at Kuredu

World Environment and World Oceans Day at Kuredu

01 Jun 2017
Kuredu Maldives Resort

If you are coming to Kuredu next week, you have a lot to look forward to. With World Environment Day on Monday, 5th June, followed by World Oceans Day on Thursday, 8th June, you are kindly invited to help us protect the beautiful, but fragile environment that Kuredu is a part of.

The ocean around Kuredu is home to plentiful and diverse marine life, which for many guests becomes the highlight of their visits. Few places in the Maldives offer such a variety of encounters as Kuredu: the surrounding reefs are home to diverse coral, a plethora of micro critters and an astounding variety of fish. Sharks and rays are seen regularly while diving and snorkelling, as are dolphins’ leaps and twirls. The sad truth is, however, that the ocean suffers from marine debris, which ocean currents also bring to otherwise idyllic places like Kuredu.

World Environment Day, 5th June

To show your committment to a clean environment, you are cordially invited to join the Prodivers team for a house reef and lagoon clean-up event on Monday, 5th June, at 14:30. Snorkellers and divers are ambassadors of the ocean, so why not make a difference during your holiday at Kuredu and express your dedication to making this fascinating blue planet of ours healthier for everyone. Lagoon clean-up (for snorkellers) and house reef clean-up (for divers) will be free of charge events. Please sign up at the dive center.

World Oceans Day, 8th June

On Thursday, special World Oceans Day snorkelling and diving boat trips will be organised. In the morning, snorkellers will head to two reefs and collect any debris they may come across, and divers will head to Kuredu Express and Express Outreef in the afternoon to enjoy possible big fish action and remove anything that’s not meant to be on the reef. The clean-up dive will be complimentary (*boat and rental fees apply).

Kuredu is always committed to doing everything in our power to minimise the environmental impact of the resort, but we know many of our guests are fascinated in both what we do, and how they can help, and next week will be a great opportunity for them to find out more.