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World Oceans Day 2016

World Oceans Day 2016

04 Jun 2016
Scuba Diving Maldives

On June 8th this year, Kuredu will once again encourage its guests and team members to celebrate and appreciate the beauty of our Oceans and the need to ensure their future.

The Ocean’s are vital to the world’s ecosystem , regulating our rainwater, drinking water, our weather, climate and subsequent food supply and even help regulate the air that we breathe.

The fragility of the Oceans is what needs our attention, and increasing the awareness of this is one of the main goals of World Oceans Day.

We are fortunate here on Kuredu to be able to experience and enjoy the Ocean and its inhabitants in all their natural glory and we hope that we can help increase of visitors’ awareness during their short stays at the Resort.

While watching the following movie, which was filmed just last by our Prodivers dive team, please help us to protect this fragile environment for future generations: