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World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day

08 Jun 2020

World Oceans Day is celebrated anually on 8th June and the message for 2020 is to aim for 30% of the World’s oceans to be protected by 2030. The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth, covering 70% of the surface of our planet, it provides more than half of the oxygen we breathe, regulates the climate, provides food and recreation activities yet it is in danger of over fishing and pollution.

The Maldives places a high importance on protecting the ocean, it’s most valuable asset, and currently has 42 Marine Protected Areas, two of which are in Lhaviyani Atoll and are favourites of our guests who visit for scuba diving. Fushivaru Thila, which is a well-known manta cleaning station and, right on our doorstep, Kuredu Express – the place to go for shark action and an adrenalin fix, both enjoy the protected status. Along with Marine Protected Areas, the Maldives has also granted protection to certain species including turtles, sharks and napoleon wrasse, dolphins and giant clams, all of which can be seen regularly in the waters around Kuredu.

For the best chances of stunning marine life encounters, head to the lagoon and see if you can spot turtles feeding in the seagrass meadows, take a stroll around the shoreline and watch the baby sharks hunting, snorkel or dive our incredible housereef or join a boat trip for snorkelling or diving at one of the many amazing reefs. You can even take a private tour with our water sports team or join our marine biologist to learn more about the ocean as well as simply relaxing on a sunset cruise while you watch dolphins jumping by the boat…possibilities for enjoying the ocean at Kuredu are endless!