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Spectacular reefs with once in a lifetime sightings

The Lhaviyani Atoll offers some spectacular reefs that are accessible to snorkellers. Enjoy at our easy sites or drift along reefs where it’s not uncommon to come face to face with the big fish. Whichever snorkelling excursion you decide to join, the underwater world will be the pleasant experience that Kuredu is known for.

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  • Spot a turtle
    The Maldives reefs provide home to several species of turtles. The most common ones are the green sea turtle and the hawksbill turtle, both inhabiting the reefs around Kuredu. If spotting one makes you want to see a whole community, there's no need to go any further than to Kuredu Caves.
    Spot a turtle
  • Meet the Mantas
    Snorkelling is the best way to get really close to these gentle giants, since feeding occurs near the surface where plankton accumulates. Seeing a Manta Ray is exhilarating, especially if they're in a playful mood and showing off their clever feeding techniques and their gentle behaviour that is difficult to describe.
    Meet the Mantas
  • Pristine Reefs
    Renowned for its pristine coral reefs, the Maldives is many snorkellers' dream. Coral reefs are the most diverse of all marine ecosystems and reefs around Kuredu teem with life. 99% of the Maldives is water, so prepare to see some of the 1,000 species of fish and some of the 200 species of coral that have been identified in the country.
    Pristine Reefs
  • Look, dolphins straight ahead!
    The tropical islands and coral reefs of the Maldives require little introduction. But the Lhaviyani Atoll is also known for regular dolphin sightings. Spinner and bottlenose dolphins occur in good numbers so keep your eyes peeled on any of your boat trips and pay attention to the crew cheering 'Koamas, koamas!'.
    Look, dolphins straight ahead!
  • Fish, fish, fish
    The catalogue of reef fish of the Maldives seems infinite, and they are more densely packed in the Maldives than quite possibly anywhere else on the planet. The colours, the variety and the action can't be described, it needs to be experienced...
    Fish, fish, fish

Reef Safari

Let us surprise you with two stunning snorkel sites of our choice! Depending on weather and sea conditions, you’ll spend half of a day exploring some of the reefs our snorkel guides like best. Be it a colourful and lively wall with resident schooling banner fish, or a shallow reef with moray eels hiding in the cracks and clown fish cheekily playing peekaboo with you, you will feel like you’re swimming in an aquarium. Only this time it’s a natural one!

Kuredu Caves

Snorkel at Kuredu’s unique site to observe one of nature’s toughest survivors, green sea turtles, as they venture out from their overhangs to the surface to take a breath and swim back to the depths to rest. As this special community of turtles has been at Caves for ages, they seem to enjoy the cosy shelters that the reef provides and the cleaning stations where they go to have their shells spotlessly cleaned. Keep your eyes open to spot stingrays dwelling on the reef, eagle rays passing by in the blue, and napoleons cruising by on the outreef.

Easy Going

Don’t miss out the great opportunity to explore the beauty of the underwater world – you’ll be at amazed what lies beneath the surface! Our easy going boats will take you to shallow, well protected reefs with plenty of fish life. Perfect for your first snorkelling trip or a lazy half day reef hopping. Follow our snorkel guides as they show you the reef’s highlights and everything you’ve seen in movies and never thought you’d ever see with your own eyes…


Renowned for its healthy and vibrant reef, Komandoo offers incredible snorkelling with a big variety of marine life on display. Admire the variety of coral and the palette of colours the reef boasts. This bustling underwater metropolis is a textbook example of what a stunning coral reef looks like. You’ll be amazed by how much you can see on the top reef itself: hawksbill turtles, occasional black tip sharks, schools of snappers, puffer fish and more. Follow the guide who’ll point out some hidden highlights, such as the fish that everyone loves – the playful clown fish or regular eagle rays passing by in the blue. Five star snorkelling!

Full Day Reef Hopping

Make the most of your day’s snorkelling! Spending a full day out on the ocean can surprise you with possible manta ray sightings and regular dolphin performances. Cruising the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and admiring the palm fringed islands and sandbanks is just a teaser for the beauty that awaits beneath the ocean surface. Full day trips are many guests’ favourite and joining one will make you realise that this is the real Maldives – as good as it gets.