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Lagoon & House Reef

Recreation / Snorkelling Introduction

Learn the basics during the free Discover Snorkelling Session

Prodivers offers a free introduction to the easiest, safest and most pleasant ways to explore the underwater world. Get advice on where to snorkel around the island, get to know the most commonly found fish, and learn the basic skills to help you gain confidence in the water. Now you’re ready!

Give snorkelling a try!

  • Perfect the basics
    Learn the ABCs of snorkelling! We'll tell you all about snorkelling around Kuredu, its marine inhabitants, show you how to use fins properly and give you some tips about what to do to prevent your mask from fogging up. It's free and always will be!
    Perfect the basics
  • Spot a turtle
    Kuredu is home to a large community of sea turtles. Our snorkel guides know exactly where they graze on sea grass and will be more than happy to show you around their fantastic backyard!
    Spot a turtle
  • Equipment for rent
    Sign up for the free Discover Snorkelling Session and get the equipment free of charge for the duration of the introductory session. Try it out and see what works best for you!
    Equipment for rent
  • Follow up with a house reef tour
    Follow up the introductory session with an optional tour of the house reef. It's a great opportunity to explore the reef with our snorkel guides as they know it like the back of their hands and will point out its resident inhabitants and show you its own shipwreck...
    Follow up with a house reef tour

Start your snorkelling adventure on Kuredu’s house reef

Join us for house reef snorkelling on Kuredu’s house reef. Prodivers’ ocean-savvy snorkel guides will give you an orientation of the reef on our doorstep, point out its resident inhabitants and give you hidden tips on where to spot the turtles and rays. Kick-start your snorkelling adventures, right off the island!

Guidelines for snorkelling

  • Never snorkel by yourself! For your safety, find a snorkel buddy or join our guided activities
  • Note that the currents around Kuredu are unpredictable and at times very strong, that also goes for the house reef, so make sure you’re never alone in the water and wear fins at all times
  • Please don’t touch anything in the water – there are some venomous fish around so make sure you admire the reef with your eyes only
  • Protect yourself from the sun before your snorkel by applying sunblock and wearing an UV protection shirt
  • Drop by at the dive centre to flip through fish ID books, information about recent Manta Ray sightings, tide times and advice about the best snorkel spots suitable for your level of experience

House Reef Map

Common sightings / Expect to see: