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Indian Ocean Fishing Adventures

Indian Ocean Fishing Adventures

22 Feb 2022

The Maldives archipelago lies in the Indian Ocean, and has an abundance of fish so it’s only natural that fishing plays a big part in Maldivian culture and continues to be crucial source of income for many locals; it’s also no great surprise that the Maldivian are experts in all types of fishing.

Whilst on holiday at Kuredu Resort Maldives you have the unique opportunity for fishing adventures where you can join local fishermen and have a go at the traditional fishing methods that have been passed down for generations. You’ll learn from the best and with a wealth of local knowledge on hand from the crew, the catch is sure to be bountiful and there will be ample material for tales of just how big the catch was! Depending on your excursion, you can even have your catch cooked to your liking for dinner – catch of the day doesn’t come much fresher than this!

Fishing adventures available at Kuredu cater for complete novices as well as expert trawlers and are likely to go down as highlights of your holiday. Big game fishing is a thrilling adventure where you leave the calm waters of the atoll for the open ocean in the hope of catching prime fish of the Indian Ocean such as tuna, sailfish, barracuda, dorado and wahoo. Night fishing is fun and uses hand lines and raw fish as bait – an ideal family outing and a memorable evening, possibly bringing some delicious fish to your plate as well. Traditional pole and line fishing is a fascinating skill that can see a ton of fish caught in just half an hour yet it’s environmentally sustainable and has been practised in the Maldives for centuries.

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