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Switching Off the Lights for Earth Hour

Switching Off the Lights for Earth Hour

20 Mar 2024

Every year on a Saturday towards the end of March, communities switch off their lights for one hour in support of Earth Hour; the result is spectacular as a wave of darkness flows across the globe. Earth Hour is about more than just saving energy for one hour though, it’s about raising awareness of the plight of our planet and bringing millions of people together in a common goal to make small changes that will make a big difference.

At Kuredu Resort Maldives we are surrounded by the beauty of nature every single day, both on the island and beneath the waves, and we take the responsibility of being amidst such a fragile environment very seriously. Our location, just north of the Equator puts us in a great position not only as a sunny holiday destination but to be able to harness the power of the sun, an infinite source of renewable energy to supplement the resort’s energy requirements. The rooftops in our Team Village are covered with 4160 solar panels, providing up to 30% of our total electricity needs.

On Saturday 23rd March, we will be conducting a reef and island clean up with the team from Prodivers and guests are very welcome to join us. We have a special dining event planned for the evening – an Earth Hour Full Moon Beach BBQ at the main beach – book you table using the Kuredu Mobile App or by visiting Later in the evening, come along to Babuna Bar to watch the Earth Hour documentary before heading to the beach for our candle ceremony.

During Earth Hour, the use of electricity in all guest areas will be limited and we ask everyone to support us by minimising their use of electricity in the guest rooms during this time. Please note that the Buggy Service will be limited during Earth Hour. Please feel free to bring your torches but don’t forget to gaze up the admire the enchanting starlit sky!

Change starts with a single switch – whether you will be here with us at Kuredu or at home, we hope you can join us in creating the wave of darkness for Earth hour.