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Incredible Humpback Whale Encounter

Incredible Humpback Whale Encounter

15 Apr 2024

Snorkellers and divers from Kuredu Resort Maldives were recently treated to an incredible encounter with a humpback whale! The baby whale was resting in Lhaviyani Atoll, just short boat ride from Kuredu, and the island is a buzz of excitement as people relive their once in a lifetime experience.

Dive Instructor Anna from Prodivers on Komandoo was the first member of the team on the scene in the water and her quick communication allowed many to share the joy of this very special sighting.

How the encounter unfolded:

A guest at Komandoo reported something big in the water near his water villa, a few minutes later the Prodivers compressor technician, Ibbe, told Anna he he could see something big on the house reef so Anna she went snorkelling to investigate what the ‘something big’ was. “I saw the big baby humpback whale sleeping at a depth of 7-8m and took some video footage as proof before heading back to shore as quickly as I could to alert others about this incredible sight.

The message reached the Kuredu Prodivers Team…

Whilst fixing equipment in the workshop I received a message from Anna on Komandoo saying there was a whale close to Komandoo island, I showed the message to Fabi and neither us believed it until Anna sent a video as proof! We went a bit crazy trying to organise a boat along with Ray. I was sooo excited – seeing a humpback whale has always been a dream of mine. A small dinghy was confirmed, I called Lara from lunch and 6 of us set off in search of the whale.” Marc, Dive Instructor.

I had 2 Tank dive that day, with just 3 divers, all repeater guests, two of them were on the last diving day of their holiday. Before I went for the second dive, I checked messages and there was a strange message about something was on Komandoo house reef. My phone also started to ring when I was in my equipment ready to jump into the water for our dive but I had no time to answer it – there was diving to be done! When I ascended from my dive in Aquarium, the Captain screamed at me that there is a humpback whale on Komandoo house reef – I couldn’t believe it! I told the divers to get quickly on the boat and the captain went to Komandoo. When we arrived, I couldn’t see a whale, but Captain Ahmed said it was below us. When the guests and I jumped in, I couldn’t believe my eyes, this beautiful animal just chilling out and moving slowly up and down the house reef. Incredible, beautiful and huge, despite it being a juvenile. Such an amazing feeling. Beautiful Maldives, beautiful Lhaviyani Atoll.” Tina, Kuredu Prodivers Dive Centre Manager.

Everyone was awestruck by the experience

“When I think about my experience with the whale I still get goose bumps. I was on the small dingy with the rest of the Kuredu Prodivers that morning. I just happened to be at the dive centre going for a snorkel to the house reef when I saw everyone else getting ready to go on the boat – I was in the right place at the right time. Seeing the humpback was pure joy.” Marlene, Prodivers Office Team

It was incredible! I have a tattoo of a humpback whale and to see one, this close, it was a dream come true. Amazing!” Marc, Dive Instructor.

“It was a very joyful event for everyone. People were starstruck and some, myself included, even cried.” Anna, Dive Instructor.

“I missed the morning dingy but I was able to join the afternoon snorkel boat to go and see the whale. It was an incredible moment: ‘Thank you little humpback whale, I will remember it for the rest of my life!’” Michele, Prodivers Office Team

Facts about the encounter:
Length of the whale: between 8 and 10 metres
First spotted: 10th April, 9:00 am at Komandoo Water Villas
Further sightings: 11th April at Komandoo’s front jetty and on 12th outside Hinnavaru’s house reef
Last Spotted: 13th outside Kudadoo’s house reef

“We contacted different marine biologists to confirm that the behaviour of the whale was normal and it was not hurt or sick. The information we got was that baby whales can get lost from time to time and if they do, they seek shelter in shallower areas and wait for their family to picked them up again.” Anna

Come snorkelling and diving with Prodivers – you never know what surprises the ocean has waiting for you!

Enjoy a glimpse of the encounter here, thanks to Nong, Prodivers instructor based at another of our sister resorts, Jawakara.